Walk-in Steam Sauna

What is a Sauna?

A steam room or sauna is a heated room that people use for relaxation and to relieve some medical-related conditions.  The steaming atmosphere is created when a heating unit filled with hot stones is doused with water.  This creates an enclosed space that has steam and moisture in the air.  The temperature in a steam sauna is normally set at 150° to 195° F with a humidity rate of 5 to 10 percent. Some saunas have several seating levels you can choose from depending on what’s comfortable. The interior of most saunas is unpainted, wooden, and temperature controlled.  There are three major types of saunas: steam sauna, dry sauna, and infrared sauna.  Steam saunas generate steam when water is applied to a heating element.  Dry saunas are heated with gas, electricity, fire, or hot stones.  Infrared saunas utilize infrared heaters that emit light and give off radiant heat. 

Benefits of Having a Sauna Routine

There’s a host of reasons to use the sauna as a part of your weekly routine. Regular visits to the sauna room can have both mental and physical benefits to your overall health. Saunas are renowned for easing pain, reducing stress levels, improving cardiovascular health, helping ease asthma, and detoxing which can lead to clearer skin.  Having a sauna routine can even assist with shedding unwanted pounds. Speaking of pounds, the sauna could be an intricate part of your daily workout routine.  Spending time in the sauna prior to working out can loosen up your muscles and warm up your body. This can help you jump into those exercises fully warmed up and ready to go.  It can help stretch the muscles you will be using during your upcoming workout.  Post sauna usage can be just as beneficial and noted to be the optimal time to relax in the sauna.  Allowing time for the sauna after a gym session can prolong the benefits of sweating and increase overall endurance. It can assist with muscle recovery and soreness after a tough workout as well.

Better Sleep and a Boosted Immune System

Heat therapy has been associated with health and wellness for thousands of years. A regularly scheduled visit to the sauna could provide many health-related benefits.  Using the sauna on a regular basis can burn calories and in turn assist with weight loss.  The effects of sweating have been shown to improve brain health, so sweating it out in the sauna on a regular basis could improve your brain.  Have problems falling asleep or staying asleep?  Using the sauna in the evening can allow your body to release endorphins as you head toward snooze time. The release of these endorphins can allow a deeper, more sound sleeping experience.  We all need help building our immune system, the sauna can help fight illness and increase immunity.  The heat and steam in the sauna cause the body to produce white blood cells more rapidly, which in turn helps fight illnesses.


The Wine Down Traditional Steam Sauna Experience

Our sauna room will provide you with the sense of rejuvenation you’ve been looking for. At the Wine Down Spa, our luxury steam sauna provides a host of mental and physical benefits. Steam rooms are created to reduce stress, promote skin health, enhance detoxification, and boost the immune system. Not only will you step out feeling relaxed; you will have improved your overall health vitality. The benefits of our steam sauna do not stop there. It offers these amazing benefits as well:

Stimulates blood circulation

Increases metabolism

Revives sore and tired muscles

Promotes detoxification

Encourages water weight loss

Eliminates fatigue

Clears and nourish the skin

Steam Sauna Packages

15 Minute Session – $15

Walk-in Steam Sauna Treatment

30-Minute Session – $30

Walk-in Steam Sauna Treatment

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