Zero Gravity Massage

What is Zero-Gravity Technology?

Zero Gravity technology was originally created by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Similar technology is used in zero gravity massage chairs. No, you will not float and the chair itself does not defy gravity. The zero gravity in our massage chairs mimics the position and posture astronauts are in during liftoff on a space mission. By assuming a reclined position, astronauts distribute the stress of taking off across their entire body.

Wine Down Spa Zero Gravity Chair Position

How the Technology in a Zero Gravity Chair Works

The zero gravity massage chair positions your body to make you feel weightless and energized. This technology works by elevating your feet to be at the level of your heart. When you are able to achieve the zero gravity position, you are able to minimize the toll gravity takes on your body daily. This relief includes improving circulation, reducing strain on your vertebrae, cushioning sore muscles, and relieving back pain. The zero gravity position also allows for spinal decompression and reduced pressure on the sciatic nerve.

The Difference Between a Basic Massage Chair and a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

There are quite a few major differences between your basic massage chair and a luxury zero gravity massage chair. The zero-gravity technology offers benefits that you simply will not experience with a standard massage chair. Here is a list of specific benefits that are exclusive to a luxury zero gravity massage chair:

3D technology that scans your body for the ultimate personalized massage.

Heated back and leg pads that allow for a deeper more penetrating massage.

Airbags designed in 3D technology combine smooth systematic vibrations and focused pressure point massage.

Zero gravity position allows zero strain and pressure on your back.

The Wine Down Zero Gravity Luxury Experience

On most days, even when we’re relaxing, standing, and sitting, additional pressure is being placed on the muscles. Our zero gravity massage chair holds the body in the perfect position to distribute weight evenly across all pressure points. Being tilted into this position allows support to the lumbar areas and relieves pain and tension in the body.

At the Wine Down Spa, our luxury massage chairs tilt you into a position that places your legs above your heart. This position allows greater circulation throughout your entire body. The heated back and calf area allow your muscles to loosen up, therefore allowing a deeper, more penetrating massage. Our luxury chairs massage you from your upper back down to the soles of your feet. You are sure to stand up feeling refreshed and revived during your Wine Down journey.

Come in and join us on the journey to relaxation. Here are more of the benefits that our luxury zero gravity massage chairs offer:

Reduction of anxiety and stress

Relaxed and loosened sore muscles

Improved blood flow throughout the body

Boosted immune system

Improved lymphatic circulation

Reduced headache and body aches

Improved flexibility and range of motion

Zero Gravity Massage Packages

20 Minute Session – $35

Zero Gravity Touchless Massage

30 Minute Session – $45

Zero Gravity Touchless Massage

60 Minute Session – $65

Zero Gravity Touchless Massage

90 Minute Session – $85

Zero Gravity Touchless Massage

120 Minute Session – $125

Zero Gravity Touchless Massage

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